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Support Center

  • How can I send feedback on the website?

    We are very keen to hear all feedback, so please tell us what you think We appreciate all feedback and all comments will be considered so that we can continuously improve our site for the users. In the unlikely event that you discover a 'bug', glitch or something wrong with the site, please use the feedback form provided - we really do read every piece of feedback and we appreciate your help.

  • How much is it to register?

    It's free. You don't need to register to use the main search area, however things like asking our experts a question, placing an advert or adding vehicles to your Shortlist mean we need to know who you are, so registering is needed. We don't share your details with any other parties.

  • What internet browser works best?

    The AutoMode site has been tested in all major browsers, for optimal performance however please ensure you use browser versions above Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 35.0, Google Chrome 38.0 and Safari 8.0.

  • Can I set up alerts for a model I am interested in?

    Yes, setting up an alert for a car is now possible. AutoMode Car Alerts will notify you on a match, depending on your set criteria, by sending an email directly to you. To set up an alert please visit the Car Alerts page.

  • Why are there 2 ways of searching?

    We found that about half the people who use our site have decided on the exact car they want to buy, and their budget, so to make things easy we have kept our single make/model and max price search, so you can go straight through to the right car the first time. When shopping for a car, many buyers who use our site have several cars on their shortlist. So, to help them along we have introduced keyword searching, which allows buyers to be more general in their first search and then fine tune the results. Click on the More Search Options button on the Home Page to use Keyword Search and other search filters like Year and Mileage. The clever new search filters on the results page allow buyers to choose multiple makes, models and body types so you can compare similar vehicles side by side, easily. To use them, simply click on the filters and make your selection. Once you are happy with all your search refinements, click apply. You can update your results after each selection or at the end of all your refinements.

  • Here are some tips which will help you find your next car quicker.

    We have kept the popular drop down menus, but have now added in the number of cars that match that make, model and price range, making it easier to see how many you have to choose from. Keyword on the home page as another way of searching for cars, simply type the car you want (i.e. Mercedes 320) and even if you accidently spell it wrong the search will correct it for you. On the search results we have moved the advanced search to the left, rather than the top, so you can see more adverts on the page. The new search now allows you to choose more than one make, or model of car, so you can now see all those shiny BMW 3 Series next to the polished Audi A4's, making it easier to review what’s available for sale. To help you find a car, we have added in 'My Location' - this is a new widget that allows you to choose how far you want to travel to buy your next car. Add your current location (i.e. work or home town) in to the location box and choose one of the suggestions offered. Then choose how far you want to travel, 50k's, 100k's or just 30k's, the choice is yours. Any cars matching your preferences are shown in the search. You can choose to use as many or as few search options as you need, and you can just hop between them as you wish, there is no need to 'update results' every time.

  • Do ads require review and approval before being visible on the site or are they be added immediately once the fee is paid?

    Yes, your ads will be approved automatically or on approval

These are some of the safety tips we will need our users to observe to keep their experience on our site safe.

  1. Keep Your Privacy Settings On
  2. Practice Safe Browsing
  3. Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Secure
  4. Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.
  5. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  6. Do not post the same ad more than once or repost an ad within 48 hours.